Saturday, 25 February 2012

..The Reality..


Life is so complicated when we make it complicated as well..
I have to accept it whether in a good or bad feedback..

On my 1st day internship at MPSP, i was thought that everything goona b okie..
either with the staff or student practical there..
BUT...nothing is beautiful in this world..

Alhamdulillah, Allah fully my doa..
I have been placed at the same department with my mom..
about 3 weeks there, i can complete my work at the given time..

hidup tak selalunya indah, langit tak selalunya cerah, panas tak sampai ke petang, (bermadah tetiba)
jeng jeng jeng..the fact is !..
not all people like to be friend with us..rite?
there will exist some bad sound..talk2 'belakang' mention about us..
they will keep gossiping about us..
they will talk badly about only them are perfect..
ble blah la manusia macam tue...huh..

for my first impression, i always think positively about them..
but what have i get back is only the negative responds...
give me the chance to be friend with u all la...
then you all we noe how i am in the true words..
not to judge me b4 you all noe n b freind with me..
so sad to hear about that..

only i have my mom there, so you all can manipulate everything negatively about me la..
i think, i have my rights not to respect you guys..
i will take back all the positive thinking about u all..
and i will always careful with u all..

start from now, i've to be choosy !
choosy in friendship !
if not, they will stab u at the back..

be careful my dear friends out there !..

psstttt....: tulisan budget merah sebab nk gtao tgh marah + bengang kt dp..hahaha..

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